The BR10-RAP is a huge leap forward for the "Bolt Gun" and is the most versatile and adaptable platform available to today's precision marksman. Available in 4 calibers and accuracy is guaranteed. We have taken the bar to another level.

The G7-MLEV Stock System is based off of the proven G5-TMAG. The new twist here is that we have incorporated an "Anti Cant" device into the body of the stock. The Cant Indicator has been placed so that it is easy to read and all but indestructible.

The G5-TMAG Stock System comes in 8 different configurations and is the most adaptable and modular stock system available. A perfect match for Hunting, F-Class, Tactical Run n Gun and Long Range Precision. The G5 will not let you down.

The G5, G7 and BR10 have an array of Optional Items designed to enhance your mission capabilities. We have slings,  Mounts for Flash Lights, Lasers, Bi-Pods, Mono-Pods, Night Vision and Thermals. We have Soft Carry Systems too!


MCREESTARGETS will give you years of service without breaking the bank. Our Target plates are made from AR500 'High Abrasion' steel, 3/8" thick and easily handle a 300 win mag. Our stands are portable and easy to set up.

We are dedicated to manufacturing of quality components for the War Fighter and the consummate shooting professional. Our products will perform as stated and have been used worldwide on the front lines of combat and for competitions and hunting throughout the USA. All manufacturing is done here in the USA, American labor and American components and materials.

Aluminum Rifle Stock Systems - Rifle Kits and Accessories

Mcree's Precision Aluminum Rifle Stock Systems

G5-TMAG and G7-MLEV Stock Systems on Sale

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